Lifetime Climbing Tower

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The Lifetime Climbing Tower is taking kid’s imaginations to even greater heights. With the Climbing Tower, you can climb a skyscraper, scale a cliff, or make a secret base on the moon. There is no end to what kids can imagine while playing outside and getting exercise. The climbing tower features fun colors for kids to enjoy and a durable, low maintenance build that parents appreciate. The weather-resistant powder-coating ensures years of protection from the elements. Let your kids and grandkids experience a safe and exciting way to climb higher than ever before with Lifetime’s Climbing Tower!

Tower, with higher levels for more fun
Sturdy steel construction
Fun colors for kids
Exciting climbing experience


One Geo dome


Dimensions (H × W): 220.98 cm x 236.22 cm (87 in. x 93 in.)
Weight: 52.66 kg (116.1 lb.)


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